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Henry Hawkins is HandyHank.  After many years of working with architects, engineers, and contractors on major building projects, I decided to put my experience and knowledge to use assisting home owners in resolving their personal home repair problems.   And going into our ninth year, we are pleased to have completed hundreds of projects for home owners and small business owners  in Tarrant  County.  Give us a call for a free no obligation estimate.

 HandyHank is an all purpose ‘handyman company’ providing a broad range of services.  When you want it done right and at a reasonable price, call HandyHank.  Our many repeat customers will testify that your complete satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.  And we are insured for your protection.  HandyHank can assist you in all sorts of jobs and tasks and can help you finish those projects that might overwhelm you own DIY skills.  HandyHank is a multitalented professional who can tackle a number of diverse projects and give you professional results every time.  If he cannot solve you particular problem, he can advise you as to the right person to call.

Some of the services that we offer include but are not limited to:

Services Offered:

  • Removing existing walls
  • Building new walls
  • Attic flooring
  • Fence repair
  • Patio Roofs
  • Repair and install playground equipment
  • Repair and build backyard sheds
  • Repair or replace siding
  • Repair or replace trim around windows/doors/chimneys
  • Install front doors/back doors/interior doors/pet doors
  • Install door locks, mail boxes, weather stripping, shelving, pictures, mirrors, drapes & blinds
  • Completion of home inspection report items
  • Sink and shower caulking
  • Touch-up painting
  • Installation of wall and floor tile
  • Installation of bathroom hardware
  • Modification of kitchen/bathroom cabinets
  • Drywall repair
  • Deck repair and construction
  • Installation of TV wall mounts
  • Window sill repair
  • Smoke detector batteries
  • Rental property make-ready

Don’t feel confined to the services noted above. If your particular need is not addressed above, call and talk with HandyHank. He can assist you by doing the work himself or by recommending someone else to do the work.

HandyHank Fort Worth Handyman: A Person with Many Talents

A reliable handyman is like a friend who helps you with all sorts of small tasks and odd jobs. You realize how helpful HandyHank Fort Worth handyman can be when you have a job that you might not be able to complete as a quick and simple do-it-yourself project, but it may be too small to hire a contractor. Handymen come into play here, and they can do almost anything, from working with you to remodel a room to doing a number of repairs around the home. They can also paint your house, install and repair drywall or even handle your landscaping. There are also some handymen who offer house-sitting services for people who want skilled caretakers to watch over their property.

HandyHank Fort Worth handyman can help you with your smallest tasks. They can even help you take care of those botched DIY jobs you never completed. HandyHank Fort Worth handyman holds experience and shows commitment for every type of job. He is often called a ‘Jack of all trades’. The truth is a handyman is essentially expert at any job. He is a creative person, proficient in many areas and he can effectively tackle a wide variety of jobs with a fair degree of complexity.

HandyHank Fort Worth Handyman: How to Tell if You Need him

How do you determine if you need HandyHank Fort Worth handyman? First you might have a number of jobs that are too small or even too diverse for a contractor that specializes in only one area of home improvement. Then you need to determine whether the projects you have in mind are within your own scope of abilities. This means not only your skills level or physical ability but the time you have to dedicate to completing a job. If you’re working all week are you going to have the time to tackle those remodeling or repair projects yourself? Remember that no one in your family will be happy walking around all week while you try to find the time to put the kitchen faucet back together! If you have any doubts it’s best to hire HandyHank Fort Worth handyman to do the job for you.

He is the best person for getting all your repair jobs done. You might not be able to hire individual contractors for each specific task. But you can easily get HandyHank Fort Worth handyman to take care of all those projects. He is the best person for your day to day repair and maintenance jobs. He can also save you a lot of money when you consider what each contractor would charge you for the individual jobs.

HandyHank Fort Worth Handyman: More than just Odd Jobs

HandyHank Fort Worth handyman can assist you in all sorts of jobs and tasks. You may want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom or paint a few rooms. You may be left with some building and finishing tasks. HandyHank can take care of the carpentry, the painting, building shelves and installing cabinets. You may enjoy taking on some do-it-yourself projects but maybe certain aspects of the job are beyond your capabilities or possibly there are just some projects you don’t want to handle yourself. HandyHank is great at helping you finish those projects that might overwhelm your own DIY skills.

It is obvious that every home needs repairs from time to time. Even if you take the best care of your property, things will break and you will need to get them repaired. It’s not an understatement to say that HandyHank Fort Worth handyman often proves to be a homeowner’s best friend.

You might have spilled paint on your hardwood floor while painting your living room. Or you might want to remove that ugly flowery wallpaper and replace it with something new. HandyHank Fort Worth handyman is just the person for the job.

Sometimes you may also come across problems that cause you to panic and they need to be repaired immediately. When you need help you often tend to look to a family member, neighbor or friend, who might know how to deal with the problem. But often help volunteered by such untrained well-wishers may cause you to end up with a worse problem than before. HandyHank Fort Worth handyman has the skills and necessary tools and resources to fix the problem without having to worry about follow up repairs.


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"HandyHank provides an excellent service at a price that I can afford. "

Jean - Keller


"This man is a treasure. He is quite capable at doing everything. He is friendly, efficient, honest, professional and quite reasonable for the high quality of work performed. I will continue to use him for all my handyman needs."

Frances – Keller


Put on drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. Installed curved shower curtain on tile. Hung art in mortar of stone fireplace, pictures on wall with 20' ladder. Also hung heavy art pieces in complex locations. He was super efficient.

Juliette – Keller


Installed new hanging pendant in dining area.  He had to make two trips because I didn't have a piece that was needed. He was competent and efficient. We had used him before and knew that he would do an excellent job.

Curt – Ft. Worth


Hank dug up two broken fence posts. He called ahead to tell me he was on his way.   The work was done quickly and efficiently. I will use his services again.

Philip – Ft. Worth


I tried Hank once and was hooked. He is so friendly and has more than reasonable prices. On time and he does an outstanding job. He is the only handyman that I use.

Susan – Keller


Built and installed backyard gate.  This is the second job that Hank has completed. He was on time and did a great job.

Becky  - Ft. Worth